Jason Fuchs Still Working On Lobo Script

Way back in March we reported that Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs impressed WB so much with his script that the studio had brought him on board to pen the screenplay for a Lobo film. Several months later it seems Fuchs is still hard at work researching and writing for the project, as seen by his most recent post on Instagram.


The image is also interesting because it features an old-school Lobo instead of his more recent, younger incarnation. With Geoff Johns taking over control of the DCEU and the recent Rebirth of DC, which has aimed to bring the brand back to it’s root and give the fans what they want, it would make sense to see the older more beloved version of make an appearance in the cinematic universe. If the tease by writer Fuchs is any indication, then it’s certainly the old-school Main Man fans will see on the big screen.

Source: ComicBookMovie