‘Justice League’ Costume Designer Talks Influences For Atlantean Costumes

Lots of news has been pouring out this past week regarding the highly anticipated Zack Snyder film Justice League which is in production now in London. Last week, a few lucky reporters were able to get a first look at what we can expect from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice follow up. One of the more interesting bits of information that we received was the look of the Atlanteans in the film. They were described as having a form of “chain mail” that blended in with the flesh. The kingdom of Atlantis will likely play a significant role in Justice League as well as in the Aquaman standalone film in 2018 and costume designer Michael Wilkinson spoke a bit about the process and his influence.

What happens is that I get together, I read the script, I get together with Zack and we spitball some ideas and talk about influences and that kind of stuff. Then I go away and I cast the net wide will all of my researching and I put together these boards and we start drawing and creating our own original things. I’m interested in all sorts of things from the role of nature, you can see these amazing sea creatures here with bio- luminescence, right through to haute couture, I do have a lot of Alexander McQueen and this amazing designer here, Stan Herman, who does amazing fashion involving digital technologies. Lots of images here from the DC Universe. I just thought it would be interesting to show you that I look at everything from ancient civilizations to video gaming. Anything that spots out visually.

There’s lots to be anticipated on next year’s Justice League and the first look of the Atlanteans is definitely one of them. Wilkinson also stated last week that Amber Heard’s Mera design was his personal favorite. As we draw closer to this summer’s San Diego Comic Con, keep an eye out for any more news regarding Zack Snyder’s new film Justice League coming out next year. Please be sure to check Comic Drops Twitter and Instagram pages.

Source: Comic Book