‘Justice League’ Director Hints At Return of 90s Superman

At the ending of Batman vs. Superman, we were all satisfied. Most of us were in tears the minutes leading up to the final scene because we all assumed that Superman won’t be coming back. Even though he’s a cornerstone of the franchise, the DCU is unpredictable and nothing’s off limits to them. We also don’t know their policy regarding deaths compared to Marvel who can almost never kill off any hero (sorry, Quicksilver.) Fortunately though, we saw dirt levitating from Clark Kent’s grave as the movie approached its final shot. While it’s pretty much a given here that Superman will appear in next year’s Justice League, how much screen time will Henry Cavill get? And more importantly, how will he look?

Before I go on, here’s your minor spoiler alert for those of you who would rather not read. Rumors started gaining traction on the internet stating that Superman will go back to his 90s look: Black suit, white logo and long hair in the shape of the mullet. Pictures of Henry Cavill with noticeably longer hair also made its rounds online and speculation went wild. While the hair may be modified to fit to current trends, the length might not change. The press caught up with the director over the past weekend and had a chat with Snyder about the current rumors:

“I guess that’s part of the story,” said Snyder when asked by the press during a “Justice League” set visit if Henry Cavill’s Superman is part of the film. “If he does appear, I think that that would be a big part of the story, right?” Snyder also said that “there’s a process, clearly, that would have to go on” in order to explain his resurrection.

But if he does come back, Snyder made sure to address a very important matter regarding Superman’s look: his hair. When Superman returned from the dead in the early ’90s, he sported what can only be described as a mullet. Will “Justice League” remain faithful to the comics? Snyder laughed and said, “[His hair] should be perfect. A little longer, I guess! That’s what the myths are anyway.”


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Will we see these rumors come to fruition?