‘Rogue One’ Actor Ben Mendelsohn Talks About His Secret Role

Similar to the time leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year, many of the details regarding the characters of Rogue One have been kept a secret, including Ben Mendelsohn’s character. No information has been released in regards to his character, other than the fact that he will serve as the film’s villain and he is named Director Krennic. In the one trailer that has been shown, viewers only get a small glimpse of him without any dialogue or interaction.

Secrecy has always been a top priority with Disney and its cast members, including Ben Mendelsohn who had to keep the news of him appearing in the latest Star Wars film a secret when he was first hired. Until recently, Mendelsohn has yet to speak out about his role in the film. He recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel where he briefly spoke about his role in Rogue One and how he struggled to keep it a secret. The interview can be watched below:


Unfortunately, Mendelsohn did not release any details regarding his character, but hopefully fans will learn more about Director Krennic and others at Star Wars Celebration Europe, which starts next month. Although the film is currently undergoing reshoots, fans can still expect another trailer to be released soon, possibly at Star Wars Celebration Europe. Much of the media has blown the Rogue One reshoots out of proportion, to which several executives and cast members involved with the film have assured fans the movie is in no trouble and it will be released on schedule.

Ben Mendelsohn is set to appear in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which will premiere in theaters on December 16th of this year.

Source: http://heroichollywood.com