Spider-Man: Homecoming Possibly Has Three Villains

No, I’m not getting mixed up with Spider-Man 3. And no, this isn’t some kind of repetitive sick joke. If it is, fans might see Tom Holland go quicker than we thought. I’m not sure about the specifics of the Sony-Marvel deal but from what I understand, Marvel should have full creative control over the character’s rights and his rogue gallery.

If what CinemaBlend is reporting about the upcoming 2017 flick is true, could Marvel be pushing its limits? Everyone knows the infamously notorious Spider-Man 3 and why it failed: Poor acting and overcrowding. Its trio of Venom, Sandman, and New Goblin were way too much story to fit into one movie. In my opinion, Venom was the only one with decent comic book accuracy and the rest were disasters. Sandman was never one to sympathize with someone’s situation and wasn’t looking for someone to pity him.

New Goblin is only called New Goblin because there was no other term to describe a rich boy mourning the loss of his father stumbling onto his father’s old equipment. The Goblin itself wasn’t truly convinced with his potential but the rage brought on by the knowledge of who truly killed his father pushed him over the edge. The movie did terrible at the box office and rumors of a fourth movie temporarily killed this franchise’s momentum.

The Amazing Spider-Man rolled around was a big hit at first at the box office. It also went over well with the fans because of the comic book accuracy and its refreshing tone. The actor chosen portrayed certain traits of Peter Parker perfectly and the absence of Mary Jane from the franchise altogether was a breath of fresh air. Once again, the sequel to that movie overcrowded villains again (not very professionally either) and the franchise was doomed before it even got to its threequel. Our current portrayal of Spider-Man hasn’t even had an hour of screen time and is possibly risking bombing at the box office again with this current piece of news.

With casting news every couple of hours (at least that’s what it feels like), this movie won’t have just a few characters and will probably focus on multiple perspectives. Micheal Keaton agreed to terms with the franchise after initially rejecting a multi-picture deal.

He’ll most likely portray The Vulture, a classic villain for Spider-Man and the actor himself will pull it off easily. Another villain reported was the Tinkerer but his role would be to mainly build the Vulture’s suit from old Chitauri weapons obtained from the Battle of New York in 2012 (Continuity wins). Now, we’re hearing that Bokeem Woodbine has been casted to play an antagonistic role in the upcoming movie. That makes three.

While the role is still being kept under wraps, could the franchise be in trouble before it even begins? Is another box office bomb/reboot on the horizon or will Marvel keep its streak of success going? Only time will tell.