Superman’s Death Sparks Formation of Justice League

One of the few pieces of Batman v. Superman that was not spoiled by trailers was the death of Superman. Though many fans were disappointed to see this added to the film, it does set up for the coming Justice League movie. Throughout the majority of BvS, we see a Batman who seems to have lost all faith in humanity and has no remorse for how he treats the criminals he encounters. However, witnessing an alien give his life to save a planet that is not his own, it restores a bit of faith in our Caped Crusader. After his visit from Barry Allen, this event instills in Bruce even further the idea to go out and find the other Metahumans to form the League. In an on-set interview between and Deborah Snyder, this is what she had to say about Superman’s involvement with the team:

“Well obviously Superman is part of the Justice League. I mean, you know where we ended up with them. And there wouldn’t be a Justice League without Superman, but I think his way back to us … You know, I don’t really want to spoil that. But he will appear. He’ll get there.”

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She was then asked if the theme of the movie was dealing with the weight of being a hero, and this was her response:

“No, I think it’s about the purpose of being a hero. And I think that Superman’s death really did make such a strong effect on Batman, and I think he really regains faith in humanity and everything that’s good. Because here’s this alien that just gave his life, for us. And I think it really changes who Batman is. And he also feels a responsibility to honor him because he didn’t feel like he did it when they were living. So I think you are seeing the elevation of these heroes in this one.”

Superman sacrificed his life for an entire planet, which really showed to everyone, especially Batman, what it means to be a hero and why they go out to do what they do. Towards the end of the film, Bruce tells Diana that the other heroes will join them because “they’ll have to”, which is true if Darkseid is coming, but I also think that he believes none of them will hesitate  because it is for the greater good. Chances are they are all already aware of Superman’s death and perhaps it instilled the same motivation in them as it did Batman.

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After all of this though it would be a bit comical to see the possible future where Superman is evil come to fruition and the League has to end up fighting him anyway, after forming in his honor. Personally, I would still love to see an Injustice-adapted storyline on screen, but whether that scene in BvS was just a little easter egg or they actually decide to do that somewhere down the line is a discussion for another time.

What do you guys think? Even though Superman died do you think it sets up for the Justice League nicely? Or do you think Superman should’ve lived and him and Batman could’ve gone out and rounded up everyone together? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!