Taika Waititi Comments On The Need For Female Representation In Superhero Films

A huge topic in Hollywood today, and especially in the comic book section of the film industry, is representation of both POC and female characters. DC is off to a strong start with an ensemble of female leads in Suicide Squad, which hits theaters in a couple of months, and Wonder Woman making her solo debut next year. But Marvel is also taking steps in the right direction with an incredibly varied cast announced so far for Spiderman: Homecoming, a film due for release mid-summer next year, and Black Panther coming to theaters in 2018. However besides even those, another upcoming Marvel project, Thor: Ragnarok, is making firsts in the female representation department of superhero cinema.

The Taika Waititi directed film will introduce audiences to the Asgardian superheroine ‘Valkyrie’, portrayed by Tessa Thompson, and also the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female supervillain with Cate Blanchett bringing to life the Asgardian Goddess ‘Hela’. While speaking with The Daily Beast, Waititi commented on the need for female representation in these films and his feelings on the matter:

“Everyone’s aware of the need [for POC casting] and also the need for female characters. But female representation is something I feel is even still behind in the conversation about representation. It’s something that’s equally important to my mind. So it’s great having female heroes.”

The director continued, adding his excitement for being the director to bring the first female Marvel villain to the big screen:

“This film has [Marvel’s] first female villain, and that’s exciting for me. I want to see more females onscreen and not just dudes. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a lot of it in the world. We need more representation of all kinds. In all seriousness, from what I’ve seen—although it’s not like I’ve been around a lot of studios—they are aware of it, and they’re very conscious and vocal. I’ve heard people say, ‘We need to make them better.’”

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Source: HeroicHollywood