Taika Waititi Talks About Working With Marvel

It’s a pretty big leap to go from directing films with incredibly low budget limits and limited expectations in the box office to directing for a multibillionaire franchise. The laws and unwritten rules of working for Marvel aren’t something to scoff at either. Just ask Taika Waititi, renowned comedy film director and the man chosen to revive the Thor franchise from its current rut. When asked if there’s been any difference in the process, he wasn’t complaining:

“It hasn’t been that different. So far it’s been good!” Waititi revealed. “I’ve been more organized, which is saying something, for a guy like me to be organized. I’m surrounded by really intelligent, amazing people. I’ve got access to great minds and great resources. So I’m at a real advantage. In terms of the studio thing, these people don’t act like a studio. They’re cool, smart storytellers. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with them. And I’ve made commercials, so I’ve worked with the worst people in the world. Nothing could be more restrictive than working with people in advertising.”

As mentioned before, he’s been tasked with evolving the Thor franchise which has been surprisingly weak compared to the other members of the Avengers during their solo franchise movies. While the first installment of Thor was a box office success and a relief to comic book fans everywhere who saw an accurate live action portrayal of the Asgardian, most were left shaking their heads in disappoint after the sequel. While many argued that Thor was made to be different since his world is on the mythical side, most countered that with the comedic Guardians of the Galaxy movie. The Thor franchise feels unbalanced, rushed, and has an unwanted tone of darkness in an otherwise generic superhero movie. Since the title of Ragnarok has some pretty dark tones associated with the term (being that its the end of all things in Norse mythology), the franchise might need to lighten up a bit to get noticed by others. Enter Waititi, known for his comedic skits. When asked if he can bring humor into the franchise, Waititi promised: “Yes, it will. Until it doesn’t. [Laughs] I don’t know, I can only hope. I’ve got to bring as much of myself as I can to this, and then see how it goes. You obviously need people overseeing the bigger picture, the next five movies or whatever. Otherwise we’d all be left to our own devices, and God knows what would happen.”

Will we see a radical change in the movie’s tone? Do you think humor is the solution for the Thor franchise? Comment below!