‘The Walking Dead’ Might Add Tiger Shiva In Season 7

Season seven of The Walking Dead is going to be big, the biggest season yet – according to what actors and producers have said. It will surely expand on the shift to the larger world that Rick and his survivor group are now a part of, and I expect our main group to be a lot less on the ‘winner side’, meaning they’ll be the ones reacting to other’s actions, rather than the ones acting or dictating what happens.

One iconic figure from the comics that this next season is going to introduce is “King” Ezekiel, a man that holds a dictatorial rule over his community called The Kingdom. Here’s what makes him interesting: a former zookeeper, Ezekiel kept one of his semi-trained animals with him through the whole apocalypse; a tiger named Shiva.

Recent reports from spoiler sites with a pretty good track record of being correct not only state that Ezekiel has already been cast, but also that Shiva will be introduced on the show in season seven. Reportedly, this will be achieved through “a mix of animatronics and CGI.”

Yes, there will be a live tiger on set. In the comics, Shiva is actually immune to the outbreak and proves to be an effective weapon against both walkers and men, giving The Kingdom an advantage over other groups such as the Saviors.

The Walking Dead returns this fall on AMC.