Tom Hiddleston Addresses Returning As Loki For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

 After Tom Hiddleston established himself as one of the more entertaining on-screen super-villains to date with his performance in The Avengers in 2012, fans have wanted more Loki. Following Thor: The Dark World the year after that, there has been no sign of Loki in any of the latest films. Fortunately, it was recently announced by Marvel Hiddleston will return as the beloved villain in the third installment of the Thor series, Thor: Ragnarok which premieres next year.

Since his last performance as Loki, Tom Hiddleston has provided little information about when or how he would return to the MCU. However, he recently did not hesitate to reveal some information regarding his next appearance alongside Chris Hemsworth at a panel for. Wizard World Philadelphia. It appeared he could not contain his excitement for returning as Loki, as he openly voiced how eager he is to return and addressed how some things have changed since he was last on the big-screen:

“I’m so, I have to say, I haven’t said, I’m so excited to be playing him again. I haven’t played him, I really haven’t played him properly since the end of 2012. I know Thor: The Dark World came out in 2013, but the last time I put the suit on was in 2012 if you exclude San Diego Comic Con. I don’t know if you would include that or not, so what I’m interested in really is how his attitudes have changed. While Thor was away with his buddies fighting a computer, and uh, I’ll think you’ll see it, there is all sorts of interesting things. I’m four yeas older and Chris is four years older  and there will just be new things we find in it. The most exciting thing about him is that he is always a trickster. It is trying to find new ways for him to be mischievous, because I love doing that, and I hope you guys love within that.”

While Loki is not the only returning character from previous films for Ragnarok, it is also well known The Hulk is set to star alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. One of the more memorable moments in The Avengers was The Hulk grabbing Loki, thrashing him around like a rag-doll, then calling him a “puny god.” Hiddleston addressed this, saying:

“And lets not forget that its no secret that um, that the Hulk shows up in Ragnarok, and um, the last time Loki and Hulk were in the same room didn’t go very well for Loki so, he’s got a few chips on his shoulder, but um, yeah, it’s fun, you’ll see.”

With the addition of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk and Tom Hiddleston reprising his famous role as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villains, Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of the better additions to the Thor seriesIn addition to speaking about Loki in the same panel, Hiddleston was also asked about the possibility of him taking Daniel Craig’s spot in the 007 films as James Bond. Many fans of openly voiced their hopes of Hiddleston taking over as Bond, and Hiddleston addressed this:

“I’m sorry to disappoint you everybody.  I don’t think that announcement is coming. But I’m very gratified to hear the enthusiasm. There’s not much that I can say that I haven’t already said, but I know… your guess is as good as mine to be honest.”

Although it does not appear Hiddleston believes he will portray one of the most famous spies of all time, fans will be sure to have the enjoyment of seeing him reprise his role as Loki next year.

Tom Hiddleston will return in Thor: Ragnarok, which is set to premiere in theaters on November 3rd, 2017.