Tyler Hoechlin Talks About Being Superman On The CW

Now that the news has spread about Tyler Hoechlin being cast as the man of steel in the Season 2 premiere of CW’s Supergirl, Hoechlin himself has posted about the casting on his personal Twitter. Hoechlin posted this Tweet.

“Could not be more honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to play this incredible & beloved character. Can’t wait to get to work!”

It appears that the producers of the show are well aware of the fans concerns of having such a major character in the ‘Arrowverse’ and that he could overshadow his on-screen cousin. Andrew Kreisberg said this to Comicbook.com about the issue.

“For us, Superman is more of an idea than it is a personification of the character, so we’re more than happy to have him backlit. We’re perfectly happy to have him swoop in, save Kara in Episode Three, because the real heart of the story is that she then kicks Reactron’s butt. She’s the one that takes him down, and that’s what much more important for us. So it’s not like we’ve been asking for more Superman or can we do it like this or can we have him in this. For us, we’re perfectly happy with the amount of Superman that we’ve had because it’s the exact amount that we’ve asked for.”

Supergirl Season 2 premieres Monday, October 10th @ 8pm on the CW.

Source:  http://comicbook.com/dc/2016/06/17/tyler-hoechlin-honored-and-humbled-to-play-superman/