Why PlayStation 4 Is A Must Buy In 2016

Now that E3 has passed for 2016, Gamers worldwide are preparing their wallets for the explosion of games and consoles that will be released throughout the upcoming year. As usual, PlayStation and Xbox had their big conferences where they revealed the hottest and newest games, and a new console. And as usual, the fans have to answer the question, “Who ‘won’ E3?” Fans like to see what company put out the best content and what games seem the most appealing.

Xbox came out strong with a Gears of War 4 reveal trailer as well as showing off other games like ReCode, Limbo, and We Happy Few. Their biggest announcements, however, were the reveals of the Xbox One S (Slim) and what Microsoft is calling Project Scorpio.


PlayStation also had a very strong conference where they started with a live orchestra that played throughout the conference. They opened with the new God of War game, which came out of nowhere. PlayStation also showed some new Battlefield 1 footage, as well as new games like Days Gone, The Last Guardian, and Hideo Kojima’s Death Standing starring Norman Reedus. PlayStation did not reveal a new console, but they did show off the upcoming PlayStation VR, or virtual reality.0319-PSVR


As a geek and video game fan, I will most certainly be picking up a new PlayStation 4 instead of the new Xbox One S. While the Xbox One S seems promising, knowing that a bigger and better next-gen console will be coming within the next year and a half, purchasing a Xbox One S seems like a waste of money in my opinion. PlayStation however, has not yet revealed their next console, but has revealed an array of nerdy games and VR Experiences that are PlayStation Exclusives. The new Spider-Man game was revealed for PlayStation only, as well as Batman: Arkham VR, and an exclusive VR mission for Star Wars: Battlefront. All of these appeal to the gamers who enjoy comic books and Star Wars alike.

While I don’t necessarily agree with console exclusivity, I realize that it something all gamers have to deal with and the choice is yours ultimately. A “pick your poison” situation, unless of course you want to spend an upwards of $800 to buy both. PlayStation at the moment has the better end of the bargain for their VR headsets only costing $400 compared to an HTC Vive that costs a steep $799.99, as well as the early release date of October 2016. Xbox has confirmed they are working on VR for Project Scorpio, but that will not be released until a year after PSVR.

PlayStation currently has the games and gear any one (gamers and nerds alike) will enjoy and this console is one you should definitely pick up sometime in 2016.