Zack Snyder Talks Pressure From Warner Bros. For ‘Justice League’

After the fans and critics did not respond well the Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman many wondered if the director would be sidelined for Justice League despite the box office success of Batman v Superman. While this was not the case, other situations such as Ben Affleck being promoted to Executive Producer did start a rumor mill about the directors of the rest of the DCEU.

When Collider’s Steve Weintraub did a set visit for Justice League. he asked Zack Snyder about the possibility of Warner Bros. executives breathing down his neck. Snyder had this to say:

 “Yeah, I don’t think so. I would just say that, for me, Batman v Superman, I think there is a slight misconception about the shooting, anyway, about how much pressure there was on us and the pressure on the movie to perform in a certain way. From my point of view, and maybe just because I don’t know how to do it any other way, we make really personal movies. For me, anyway, I love the characters. I love comic books—maybe to a fault sometimes. Like, I dork out on these hardcore aspects of the comic books, because I’m a grownup and I love that part of it. I had a great time making the movie, and I don’t think that Warner Bros., when we were shooting the movie, that there was some sort of corporate mandate to get Batman and Superman in the movie. Chris [Nolan] and I kind of had that idea, and then it just so happened that that was a way toward Justice League—and it came along at a great time for us, as the studio was moving forward with the other DC titles and getting the DCU to exist.” 

He also talked about Warner Bros. wanting to make filmmaker-driven films:

“But I don’t think the sort of birth of Batman v Superman was like some corporate conspiracy to sell tickets or do whatever. I think it just became this great vehicle that had a lot of focus put on it because of where it ended up in the timeline, you know? I think the studio’s been amazing with me, and they are a filmmaker-driven studio. They don’t really do a ton of things by committee. It’s just been a great experience I’ve had with them as a studio… So I think the nice thing about working on Justice League is that it is an opportunity to really blow the doors off of the scale and the bad guys and team-building and all the stuff that I think I could justify as a big, modern comic book movie, if that makes any sense.”

From the sound it, Warner Bros. is happy with Zack Snyder but just wants him to have some extra help with his process of making these large films, just like every other director in the business. Snyder concluded with some words about working with comic legend Geoff Johns:

“Geoff and I have had a great working relationship, even on Batman v Superman, and on Wonder Woman we worked together really closely, and we have a project coming up that we want to do together… I can’t talk about that. His knowledge of comics is just crazy. He’s like an encyclopedia of comic books. Like I’ll be like, ‘Hey, is there a weird Lantern from –?’ and he’ll be like, ‘You know…!’ He’s just amazing about keeping everything in canon that I’ve not even heard of —he goes, ‘Yeah, it’s back!’ Like we’ll look through some archive. You know, there’s DC-pedia, but he’s even crazier than that.”

Sounds like Snyder and Johns secret project could be the new Green Lantern Corps. film.

Justice League will be released next year and stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Henry Cavill.

Source: Collider