‘ARROW’ Executive Producer Talks Season Five And Black Canary’s Future

Fan uproar was omnipresent when Arrow killed off a character that had been part of the show since season one: Laurel Lance/The Black Canary. Of course, in the ‘Arrowverse’ there are always ways for dead characters to somehow come back – take the newly discovered Multiverse on The Flash, for example.

Since DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow launched its first season last year, time travel has also been a very real thing in the Arrowverse, which led fans to believe we hadn’t seen the last of Laurel Lance. However, when asked if she would make an appearance on that show, Marc Guggenheim responded, “No, that conflicts with other plans we have…”

“I can’t say too much about that,” executive producer Wendy Mericle said in regards to Laurel’s death. “I can say with confidence that, in Season 5, our decision will make more sense… even to the fans who were really vehemently opposed to it.”

Speaking of Arrow‘s next season, it has been said that the show would be going back to its roots, to what it felt like in the first two seasons: more grounded and realistic. Of course, there will be lots of crime to deal with, and a new big bad guy.

“When we come back in Season 5, [Star City] is overrun with crime,” Mericle said. As for the antagonist, she describes him as “somebody Oliver unwillingly created in Season 1 when he was a killer in a hood. This guy is going to be collateral damage who lost someone to the Hood and [has] spent the last several years training and plotting for revenge. He will be a true dark mirror to Oliver Queen.”

And, as always, Team Arrow will get a few upgrades, in terms of both manpower and equipment. Curtis Holt, who was introduced in season four, will become Mr. Terrific, a name fans might recognize from the comics. Additionally, the vigilantes Wild Dog and Artemis are both joining the team, and there will yet again be a new Arrowcave, this time with multiple stories, it appears.

“We wanted to have different ways to enter and exit it on a much bigger scale, since we have more characters coming in and out,” production designer Richard Hudolin explained.

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Source: ComicBookResources