How Ray Fisher Got The Role Of Cyborg

While it is somewhat common of hearing about TV stars going to the silver screen, it is not to common to see a broadway star to go directly to such a large expanding universe such as the DCEU. So when interviewers got to speak to Ray Fisher, the actor who is to play Cyborg in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ film, they asked the same question.

He says;

“I was in a play off Broadway playing Muhammad Ali at the New York Theater Workshop about three years ago now. Around the time, I’d seen [Ang Lee], one of his upcoming projects was a 3D boxing movie about Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, He came to see the show at that point in time and I hadn’t had an agent or a manager up until that point, but once people caught word of that and started coming to the show to see who is this guy that this person’s coming to look at. From there I signed up and went out to California for a visit and met up with Gordon Kennedy and Christie Carlson of Warner Bros., and they said, we have something that may be right for you. We can’t tell you what it is. It’s just in the realm of the Batman/Superman universe. I was like, “All right, I’m done. Sign me up. I said, ‘I’ll play a tree.”  

“From there ended up putting something on tape for Zach Halls in New York and we went out to Detroit and tested and it just sort of fell in to place,” Fisher added. “It moved very, very quickly and I’m extremely grateful that it happened the way that it did, coming up in the theater, grinding for 10 years, trying to make the ends meet. It was a pretty sweet payoff.”

While we still have till November 17, 2017, We may be seeing a trailer for the film this year at San Diego Comic Con.


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