New ‘Arrow’ Teaser Trailer And Character Reveals

DC has rocked out some of its best content ever today, releasing trailers for all its upcoming movies and teasers for its TV shows. The mega CW panel concluded this evening in San Diego with Arrow, debatably the worse of the CW superhero shows on TV right now. Many fans however, myself included, are still hopeful that Season 5 can make up for the show’s previous mistakes. In order to sway fans away from such negative thoughts, the CW released a new teaser for Season 5. You can check it out below.

While the trailer did nothing to wow fans, it did have some elements that make me optimistic. The trailer is focused on Oliver dealing with the loss of his team at the end of Season 4, and the cold hard truth that he can’t go at it alone. In order to avenge his friend Laurel Lance, who died last season, he begins recruiting new team members to complete her dying wish.

In order to form the new team, Oliver recruits Evelyn Sharp, Wild Dog, and Curtis Holt. Two of these characters we’ve seen already, Sharp and Holt. Sharp tried to badmouth the name of Black Canary after Laurel’s death, and Curtis worked for Felicity at Palmer Tech. Sharp is set to become the vigilante Artemis and Holt is set to become Mr. Terrific. Wild Dog is a familiar DC character but this is his first time on TV. Also revealed was the name of this season’s villain, Prometheus, and that the show’s 100th episode will fall into the big, four night crossover between all the DC TV shows!

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