‘Daredevil’ Showrunners Talk ‘The Defenders’ And Season 3

The Marvel-Netflix universe is in full swing right now. With two shows already launched and three more on the way, people are eating up the darker themes of the MCU. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are streaming now and Luke Cage and Iron Fist are on their way, but there is one series that all Marvel fans are anxiously waiting on: The Defenders.

The Defenders will combine the four titular characters from the past Netflix shows into one team that must keep Hell’s Kitchen safe against great evil. Showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez  from Daredevil have moved over to this superhero team, and they talked to SlashFilm about their upcoming series.

Does television allow you to spend more time exploring the part where the Defenders don’t get along at first?

Petrie: You have time over the many episodes, exactly, to spread out the characters, let them breathe, let them expand and let them get to know each other, so they don’t have to love each other right away, but we’ll love them by the end.

Ramirez: I think yes. Somebody asked earlier about whether or not The Defenders is going to feature more spectacle, more explosions, basically, was the question.

Are you able to design episodes where it’s only one Defender, or they pair off?

Petrie: We’ll be doing a lot of mixing and matching absolutely, but I think the fun of it is to see the team.

In the writers room, which pairings have you discovered are really great?

Ramirez: We have four stunningly talented actors. The world knows Mike [Colter] because the world saw JJ. So we have four great actors. There’s no version of me answering that question without somehow spoiling something or somehow disappointing an actor.

Petrie: They’re all great. Any two you put together makes sense because if you have Matt and Jessica, you get two very smart hard tripping New Yorkers. If you’ve got Danny and Luke, you’ve got what fans recognize as heroes for hire, but we’re not there yet. If you’ve got Jessica and Danny, you’ve got the hard cynic and the wide-eyed innocent. So there’s really no pairing that doesn’t work.

The showrunners also got to chat about Daredevil Season 3, which was announced back at San Diego Comic-Con.

Can you begin to think of Daredevil season three?

Petrie: Oh gosh, we’ve got our hands full with The Defenders right now. I’m so thrilled that they announced it. I’m so thrilled that we’re doing it. We’ll figure it out like we always do.

Does showrunning The Defenders leave you in a better place to set Matt Murdock up for his season three?

Petrie: Oh sure. We will be returning all of our characters to interesting new places where their respective show runners can pick up the threads.

The Defenders is shaping up to be Marvel and Netflix’s best series yet. What do you think about the series? Do these comments from the showrunners get you excited about the series or make you worried? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram and Twitter.

Source: SlashFilm