Green Lanterns #4 Review


What has become of Earth’s two newest Green Lanterns? Well, last we saw, Jessica and Simon were fighting Bleez before she was temporarily cured of her rage by Simon. Then, the arrival of Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns made matters a little worse as Jessica succumbed to her rage like so many others on Earth had. Well, this issue we see Jessica and Simon fighting as she is still infected and the two of them tumble down into the bottom of the Hell Tower. Unfortunately for Simon, his ring is nearly out of battery while Jessica is still infected and still powerful. Ed Benes joins on art duties for this issue as he tackles Jessica and Simon’s scenes while Robson Rocha works on the scenes with Simon’s family. Luckily, Benes and Rocha have a very similar style so the artwork isn’t jarring by any means. Benes shines when it comes to character figures and his work on Lantern books in general have always been the highlight of his career.


Meanwhile, back at Simon’s place, his family is looking for Simon so he could help explain who the Guardian is who has been hanging at their place. While playing with Farid, the Guardian explains what Oa is and how he is a Guardian there but was kicked out. We learn that during his exile he had created the Phantom Ring, the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy. He reveals that for this creation, the Guardians had him exiled while there have been plenty of individuals who have sought his invention.

We’re back with Jessica and Simon and luckily (and rather conveniently) for Simon he’s able to channel enough willpower to utilize his new “healing” power and he cures Jessica of the rage. Just as he had cured Bleez last issue. With Jessica finally cured of the rage, the two take a moment to regroup and it’s a very character-driven scene that showcases both Jessica and Simon’s insecurities. Jessica believes she’ll never be a good Green Lantern and tells Simon that she’s done with it. Simon confides in her the reason why he keeps a gun at his side and it’s because he’s afraid he won’t be a good Green Lantern either.

Now my biggest complaint about this issue is how they completely ignored all of the continuity from the New 52 Red Lanterns series. In that book, Guy Gardner and Bleez rose up against Atrocitus with fan favorites Zilius Zox and Skallox. While you could make a case that Bleez was brainwashed by rage, the inclusion of Zox and Skallox is a lot more damning as they were killed in that run. But here they are standing with Atrocitus alive and well. It’s disheartening to see that DC still hasn’t fixed the continuity errors of the Red Lanterns that have gone on since Red Lanterns ended.


This issue saw some great character development between Jessica and Simon and while the whining and constantly telling the viewer that she’s not going to cut it as a Lantern is getting kind of repetitive, it really shows an intriguing dynamic between these two. But aside from that, it doesn’t push the story along very much and we have yet to see Atrocitus and the actual Red Lanterns pose a serious threat. With the slow pace and the inconsistent continuity, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed by this issue. Thankfully, the art team did a fantastic job on this book with fantastic character models, actions sequences, and gorgeous colors, so if nothing else, this book sure looked pretty. I hope DC keeps Benes on board as part of the art team for this book because he’s at his best when he’s on a Lantern book.

So overall the highlight of the book is the art, and while we had some great character moments between Jessica and Simon, the plot feels like it’s dragging as well as the continuity errors. Sadly, I was not as happy with this issue as previous issues, so I hope things start picking back up again in two weeks.

Overall Score: 6/10