Kevin Smith Weighs In On Tone Of ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’

When the first trailer for next year’s Justice League was shown at San Diego Comic-Con, many were surprised about the evident change in tone as compared to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of JusticeBVS was met with a good portion of criticism for being too serious, too dark and gritty. Justice League looks a lot more light-hearted, which makes it more similar to the standard of fun that Marvel has set for the comic book movie franchise.

Kevin Smith, who has arguably been of considerable influence in this industry, particularly on the DC side of things, recently spoke with Canoe about the direction Warner Bros. are now taking their movies, endorsing the light-heartedness.

“The audience that pays to see these things are like, ‘There’s a certain set of standards that we want when we come see these superhero movies, and, yes, most of those standards have been set for us by Marvel… regardless, this is what we want in our superhero movies. We don’t want doom and gloom. We want them to like each other. We want them to have an interplay.'”

It looks like [Warner Bros. and DC Comics] heard that loud and clear and everything that was missing or perceived to be missing from Batman v Superman seems like it’s in full display on Justice League, so I’m on board,” Smith continues. “I was already on board, but I’m very happy to see that they’re taking that direction.”

Most recently, Suicide Squad has been making headlines for allegedly having cut over one hour of footage of Jared Leto’s Joker scenes. This decision was made to make the theatrical release better fit the tone of the trailers, which were met with overwhelming positivity. Smith also weighed in on the criticism, saying that even though he liked the movie, he gets why some don’t.

“When I saw the movie, I said, ‘Boy, I can see people not liking this.’ I didn’t read all the criticism but I certainly got the gist that people are like, ‘This ain’t for me,’” he explains. “I can understand it that way, but this is in my genes. I was reading (John) Ostrander and (Kim) Yale’s Suicide Squad from the moment it hit the stands. My daughter’s named Harley Quinn. I’m half in the bag for this stuff already and I love David Ayer. I thought he did a great job.”

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