‘Suicide Squad’ Projecting $140 Million For Opening Weekend

Las month, the revenue that Suicide Squad was projected to bring in on its first weekend was between $115 and $125 million. The current record for highest-grossing opening weekend is held by GotG which established the record back in 2014, so even at its lowest predictions the Squad will be ripping that record away for themselves.


It isn’t too hard to see why the film is climbing the ladder to $140 million so quickly though. Marketing for the film is nothing short of stupendous. The trailers have showcased all members of the Squad along with the Joker and Batman (who doesn’t love seeing those two on screen?) all while keeping the plot under wraps pretty well. BvS opened domestically with $166,007,347 but didn’t sit well with many fans. Suicide Squad is gearing up to potentially be a better installment to the DCEU so who knows, it may even end up surpassing Batman v Superman‘s numbers.

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Source: Comicbook.com