Andrew Kreisberg Discusses Differences Between Season 3 Of ‘Flash’ And ‘Flashpoint’ Comic

Many Flash fans, including myself, have been anxiously awaiting tonight; the season 3 premiere of Flash. While we know that the season will adapt the Flashpoint comic, everything from the pages will not be seen on the small screen. Producer Andrew Kreisberg has made mention of some of the differences we will be seeing:

“Obviously, the comic books dealt with this giant war between the Atlanteans and the Amazonians, and Thomas Wayne being Batman. All of that stuff is not at our disposal, which is fine with us because we really wanted to do something personal to Barry having changed his friend’s lives and Barry coping with [the fact that] he may have traded his happiness for his friends. There’s a couple of nods to the comics in there. There’s actually some dialogue from the comic in the episode. But as always the movies are the movies and TV is TV, we’re not trying to infringe on their purview. The episode is a much more personal one. The stakes in the comic book in Flashpoint were global and the stakes in this episode are very much just about Barry, his existence and the people that he loves.”

I don’t think anybody really expected to see the Atlantian-Amazonian war or to see Thomas Wayne as Batman when we haven’t even seen Bruce Wayne’s Caped Crusader in the CW universe. It’s nice to know that there will be Easter eggs and even some dialogue from the book, but it is obvious they need to fit the Flashpoint event in with the TV universe that has been established. Of course in the comic, Barry is able to turn things back to the way they were (sort of) so when asked about this aspect for the show, Kreisberg said this:

“It will be resolved, but there will be consequences that last throughout the season, and quite frankly, last throughout the series. That’s one of the things that we’re attempting to do is have the pitfalls of time travel be long-lasting and that some things can be fixed, and then some things are broken forever.”


It will be interesting to see just what the long-lasting effects are, so stay tuned!

What do you guys think? Are you weary of what the CW’s Flashpoint will be? How do you think Barry will try to restore the timeline? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Heroic Hollywood