‘Justice League’ Wraps Filming In Iceland

Justice League is one of the most anticipated movies of next year. After previous DCEU films such as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad were controversial amongst fans, people are hoping that next year’s Wonder Woman and then Justice League will be films that fans and critics can all enjoy. After releasing a teaser trailer, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and several official photos, the film has finally finished filming.

The majority of the film was shot in London and then some extra scenes were filmed in Iceland, but it appears that everything has finished thanks to Aquaman actor Jason Momoa who posted picture of the cast and crew drinking. Here is one of those posts:

Mad crazy love for Gal Ezra Ray Henry and Ben It's been an honor JL wrap. ✊🏽😜ALOHA j

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Another post showed Momoa with director Zack Snyder.

This man changed my life. I love you zack Mahalo for believing in me. It's Odin and Mano time. 😜😜😜ALOHA j

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The scenes filmed in Iceland were most likely shots for Atlantis and more on the scene between Bruce Wayne and Aquaman. After the new image of Mera was released, I’m sure she was also filming scenes in Iceland. In a couple months the cast will mostly reunite for some re-shoots but that happens with all major films.

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