‘Watch Dogs 2’ Developer Talks Bringing The Franchise To San Francisco

With the new installment just around the corner, let’s take a look back at everything new that’ll be featured in Watch Dogs 2 and compare it with the first one, and look at the beautiful gameplay walkthrough that was released at E3.

Frist thing to notice between the two games is that the map has doubled in size. The first Watch Dogs took place in Chicago, and San Francisco will be used as Watch Dogs 2’s sandbox with 6 different areas to explore. Why San Francisco you might ask? Stevivor got to sit down with Senior Producer Dominic Guay, who explains why they chose the Bay area:

“It’s the whole San Francisco Bay, and what brought us there initially is that it’s a beautiful place. It’s super diverse, and we thought between Oakland and the natural reserves right besides San Francisco that it’s a beautiful place, so that’s one thing. Culturally, because we’re not just building brick and mortar we’re putting people and culture in it, it’s super rich. Interesting people and a lot of cultures have roots in that city. But the real main draw was Silicon Valley. Having all those tech people and companies who are inventing all the things we’re all going to be buying and using in a few years. For our subject matter, that’s basically where all the big players for technology are today, so it’s great inspiration.”

They had a lot more to talk about if you want to check it out HERE.

In Watch Dogs 2, you have the freedom to roam anywhere you see fit in San Francisco; it’s an ultra sandbox game, giving players the freedon to do each mission how you see fit. You can ghost into each mission, stealthily taking out enemies as you go, or go full assault mode like Rambo, or even mess with your enemies and become a trickster by using the various hacking tools in Holloway’s possession.  The mechanics in Watch Dogs 2 have also changed quite a bit, making it much easier to access cars and steer them.

You can now shoot while driving, giving a more Grand Theft Auto feel to the game, and cars are reportedly a lot easier to control which is a far cry (no pun intended) from the vehicle mechanics in the first installment. Something else Watch Dogs 2 has looked improve are the parkour elements. From what we’ve seen in gameplay so far Marcus’ acrobatics resemble Assassin’s Creed in a way, which is no surprise since both franchises come from the same company, Ubisoft. Now some elegant things that Watch Dogs 2 has in store for us is access to a 3D printer, were you can conjure up new equipment to take out your enemies. You even get a remote controlled drone to fly around whenever you please or use to scan buildings, enemies, junction boxes and more.

And if you’re into fashion you have over 700 different ways to dress Marcus, making your version of Marcus look and feel diffrent from that of your friend. It’s safe to say that it seems like Ubisoft took into account the criticisms fans had with the first Watch Dogs, and has done a pretty significant overhaul of the game mechanics in WD 2.

Finally, let’s look at the crazy awesome walk through that they released during E3.

You can watch Senior Producer Dominic Guay play through the games’ Dedsec Infiltration Mission. The main character Marcus has to infiltrate the home of the evil Social Media Monster. Through the mission, you get a peak of some of the wicked new things that they have introduced into Watch Dogs 2. Dominic uses a drone at one point of the mission to scout out the building before sneaking in. And shows off a stun gun that was made using a 3D printer we mentioned just a bit ago. You even get a new look at how easy it is to hack into and control cars however you want. Throughout the walkthrough you” see beautiful visuals and landscapes throughout the part of San Francisco that they play in. Check it out!

I am ecstatic for Watch Dogs 2 and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Wil you be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments or talk to us over on Twitter @ComicDrops.