Kiersey Clemons Weighs In On Rick Famuyiwa’s Departure From ‘The Flash’

After the surprising and saddening news that Rick Famuyiwa was no longer attached to direct 2018’s The Flash due to creative differences with the studio, fans were worried that certain people would begin dropping from the film due to the relationship they had with Famuyiwa. Kiersey Clemons who came over from Dope, another Famuyiwa directed film to play Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West, became a topic of discussion earlier this week when it came to the possibility of her leaving the project due to Rick no longer being involved. The 23 year old actress assured everyone that herself and Ezra Miller still plan on doing what they set out to do when they initially signed on.

“Ezra and I are going to do what we promised to do from the beginning. No matter who the director is, I am going to do what I think Iris should be.”

THR then asked Clemons what she thought of Rick’s departure from the film which she responded with the following:

“Rick was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the movie, so him not being a part of it is obviously very upsetting to me. All I can do is give it up to the gods. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see who’s going to jump in.”

It seems The Flash has avoided another setback with Clemons confirming her continued involvement in the movie, but the loss of Famuyiwa is sure to push the film’s production date back as the studio now begins the search for a suitable replacement.