Malese Jow Says Doctor Light Might Return On ‘The Flash’

Malese Jow, who plays Linda Park on The Flash, revealed in an interview that there’s a possibility of Doctor Light’s return. Doctor Light is who Linda Park is in the alternate universe Earth-2. Her powers are photokinesis, which is the control of all light.


Fans have been wondering if her Earth-2 counterpart will make a return to the show. Jow on Doctor Light’s return said this in an interview with

Yeah, it’s totally possible, which is exciting. It was a huge honor not only to play Linda, but when they told me I was going to play Doctor Light as well I was like, are you kidding me? Two iconic characters in this universe and I got to play both.

When asked if there was a chance to be featured in the other Arrowverse shows she said this:

“Anything they do, if they want me to be a part of it, I’m so down. I wouldn’t even question it.”

Hopefully the show does bring Doctor Light back, because it would be shame for her to be just a villain of the week.

Do you want Doctor Light back? What do you want to happen in season 3?

Source: Comic Book