Scott Derrickson Went To Great Lengths To Direct ‘Doctor Strange’

If you’ve seen Doctor Strange, you’ll know that it definitely stands out among superhero movies and that it’s one of the better MCU installments to date. But a movie is only ever as good as its director, and Scott Derrickson truly did some fantastic work on Strange. You can tell that a lot of passion went into this film and that passion was actually what got Derrickson the gig in the first place. In a recent interview with Collider, the 50-year-old revealed that he used considerable resources to impress Marvel Studios:

“[…] I spent a lot more money than was reasonable to get the job, that’s true. I designed several set pieces. The one that’s in the movie, it was a twelve-page scene of the astral fight […], so I wrote a twelve-page version of that scene and then storyboarded the whole thing and then created what’s called an animatic, which is like a moving storyboard. And then I also created a whole bunch of concept art for other sequences in the movie to try to give an example of what I wanted the visuals to be like, the kind of mind-trip visuals.”

Derrickson’s effort certainly paid off if you ask me! Have you seen Doctor Strange? Check out our spoiler-free review!