The Drop #24: Young Justice Season 3, X-Men Movie Reboot? Ghost Rider On Netflix & More!

2nd Wonder Woman Trailer Discussion – 1:46
Ciaran Hinds Cast cast Steppenwolf In Justice League – 8:50
Deadpool 2 In Trouble; 3rd Film In The Works – 15:53
X-Men Movie Franchise Rumored To Reboot Again – 21:32
Young Justice Renewed; Season 3 Is On The way – 32:21
Aquaman Might Move Up; Justice League Reportedly Looks GREAT – 38:29
Ghost Rider Might Be Getting His Own Netflix Show Or Movie – 47:26

We’ve had a pretty interesting week in news, haven’t we? CabooseXBL joins the gang as they attempt to weave their way through this week’s ridiculous list of topics. If you missed our Doctor Strange review, CLICK HERE to get it!

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