‘The Flash’ Actor Keiynan Lonsdale On Wally’s Speed and Dr. Alchemy

Recently on The Flash, Wally West has been bitter about his lack of super speed – especially since Jesse recently acquired hers. However, in tomorrow night’s episode Shade, Wally will begin to have visions of his Flashpoint self, a.k.a. Kid Flash. Through these visions, he may be enticed by the big bad of the season, Dr. Alchemy. As we’ve seen, those who visit Alchemy usually end up on the villainous side; Wally himself might even become a villain after a meeting with Alchemy. Actor Keiynan Lonsdale, who portrays Wally West on The Flash, had this to say:

“[Team Flash] know that Alchemy isn’t a good guy, so I don’t think anyone wants Wally near him… people become dangerous after Alchemy gets his hands on them, so [the initial response is], ‘OK, we need to not let that happen.’”


Clearly, Wally’s friends will have a fair amount of reservation about his potential plans to contact Alchemy. Regarding how Wally feels about these visions, Lonsdale commented:

“The idea of being a speedster doesn’t scare him at all, it’s perfect for him. Though these visions get pretty nasty at one point, and that definitely troubles him in a sense.”

It seems that Wally will be deadset on receiving powers from Alchemy, even with the warnings of his friends and some rather troublesome visions.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7 central on the CW.