James Mangold Shares What Sets ‘Logan’ Apart From Other Superhero Movies

Next year’s Logan certainly would, if there was such a thing, win the Best Trailer Of The Year Award. Paired with Jonny Cash’s Hurt, it masterfully showed fans of the clawed mutant what to expect of Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the Wolverine, whom he has played for nearly 17 years. Logan will not be your traditional superhero movie, as its vibe seems to be a lot grittier and more serious than anything the “disneyfied” MCU would ever do (aside from the Netflix shows).

In a recent interview, director James Mangold spoke out about what makes his film different, saying that Logan more than anything focuses on characters.

“The thing that we’re trying to differently is trying to invest in character. The fact is that a lot of these movies are a collection of set pieces of action with very short connective things basically explaining how we go from action piece A to action piece B. We wanted to make a movie that’s really a drama. If you cut out the action, what you’d have is a powerful drama about interesting character. Whether that makes us different or not, I’ll leave others to judge but I think it was our goal to make a movie that earned its audience from feeling real. Really feeling human or feeling intimate.”

A few weeks ago, the first 40 minutes of Logan were screened at an exclusive 20th Century Fox showcase event and the response was phenomenal. Prestigious actors and directors such as GOTG helmer James Gunn praised the film, some even called it the best X-Men film to date. Mangold also shared one of those responses in the interview:

“Someone told me that the movie made it feel like you might walk out onto the street and run into this Wolverine. That it’s not taking place in a different universe but our own.”

Logan releases on March 3, 2017, and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Doris Morgado, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Richard E. Grant.

Years after the epilog of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, some of the last mutants, an aging Logan—whose healing factor is starting to fail—and Charles Xavier protect a young girl named Laura who is very similar to Logan, and is being hunted by sinister forces.

Source: Comicbook.com