Marvel Teases The Return Of Uncle Ben In Amazing Spider-Man #22 Preview

In the long, storied history of Spider-Man, Peter Parker has had multiple run ins with Clones. Whether it be the entire existence of Ben Reilly, the entire Clone Saga, or the current story arc The Clone Conspiracy. This arc is written by Dan Slott and Christos N. Gage, and thus far it has been pretty solid, with a variety of tie-in comics and good main issues.

One of the many Spider series’ is titled ‘Amazing Spider-Man, and it is now announced that the 22nd issue of the book will be a tie-in to The Clone Conspiracy. This tie-in will be following the last clone conspiracy book, in which we finally learned who the Jackal is, Ben Reilly himself.

The preview revisits the pages of the previous Spider-Man books, when Ben says to Peter than he can bring Uncle Ben back.

You can view the preview below:

This leaves us fans with one burning question… How is Ben Alive? Who, or what resurrected him? All we can do is anticipate The Amazing Spider-Man #22 and hope that the outcome is a well thought out reason that gives us some entertaining stories.

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Source: ComicBook