Planet Sakaar Confirmed For ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

After month of deliberation and various forms of parallelism to the Planet Hulk storyline, it’s finally been confirmed by Taika Waititi that the infamous planet Sakaar will be showing up in the movie. Its role will be similar to the one in the Planet Hulk story line: it’ll serve as the meeting point between Thor and Hulk. When Thor arrives on the planet, he’ll soon realize it’s a gladiator planet where Hulk has quickly gained a reputation as a vicious gladiator. The gladiator planet will also serve to be Hulk’s first expedition into the cosmic side of the MCU, which could also potentially serve as the bridge between Earth’s Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The planet was mentioned by the director himself in the latest issue of Total Film and Twitter account MCUExchange quickly reported it soon after.¬†Thor: Ragnarok¬†is set to release November 3rd of next year. Do you think Planet Hulk deserves its own movie? Sound off in the comments below or head to our Twitter/Instagram!


Source: MCUExchange