Sonequa Martin-Green Tapped As Lead In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

For all the Star Trek fans and the like out there in the universe: Star Trek: Discovery, the new spin-off show that will be coming next year (most likely), has found its lead in Sonequa Martin-Green. You may know her as Sasha Williams, a series regular since season 3 of The Walking Dead, and has had parts in other shows, The Good Wife and ABC’s Once Upon a Time. This doesn’t mean she will be leaving TWD though, as it has been reported that she will continue to appear in that show, while being the lead of the upcoming Star Trek spin-off.

This will mean that she will be the first African-American woman to lead a Star Trek cast, as was the wish of the former showrunner of the show, Bryan Fuller. He left because of scheduling issues with the other show he’s working on, New Gods. The amount of diversity in the show might be one of the reasons that it is so heavily anticipated by fans and people interested in the show. It will also feature the franchise’s first openly gay character, in a lieutenant played by Anthony Rapp, who is described as an “astromycologist, fungus expert and Starfleet Science Officer”.

Along with Anthony Rapp, Martin-Green will be joined by Michelle Yeoh as a Starfleet Captain, Doug Jones as a Starfleet Science Officer and a member of a new alien species in the Star Trek universe, as well as Chris Obi, Shazad Latif and Mary Chieffo as Klingons.

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Source: EW