‘Star Wars’ Overtakes James Bond Becoming Third Highest Grossing Movie Franchise

With the box office success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the Star Wars franchise has overall grossed $7.34 Billion in the worldwide box office, overtaking the $7.04 Billion total of the James Bond franchise, making Star Wars officially the third highest grossing movie franchise ever.


The James Bond films have over 20 movies in their slate, while Star Wars has eight, and the MCU has 14. What also helped Star Wars was its re-releases. The franchise from a galaxy far far away is only behind the Harry Potter franchise, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s interesting is that there’s going to be a new Star Wars film every year, and they are all likely to be big successes. As of right now, the Harry Potter franchise has now earned over $7.73 Billion, which is really close to Star Wars, making it possible for Star Wars to become the second highest franchise once Rogue One is out of theaters. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed a total of $10.89 Billion, which makes it far ahead of its competitors.

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Disney owns both Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Star Wars most likely overtakes Harry Potter, Disney will have the top two highest grossing franchises ever.


Source: Box Office Mojo