‘The Flash’ Mid-Season Premiere Promo Released; Showrunner Talks Barry And Iris

A few weeks ago during The Flash‘s mid-season finale, Barry Allen accidentally traveled to the near future where he saw the evil speedster Savitar murder the love of his life, Iris West, while his future self helplessly stood by. That experience left Barry shocked but determined to save Iris at all costs.

The Flash‘s co-showrunner, Aaron Helbing, recently spoke with TV Line about how this will affect Barry going forward and if Savitar’s prophecies from the mid-season finale are bound to come true.

“Obviously, Barry loves Iris more than anything, and now that he has gotten a glimpse of the future, the thrust of the back half of the season is Barry trying to do whatever it takes to save her.

The future is malleable. Anything can happen”

Moments ago, the CW released the first trailer for the back half of season three of The Flash, which is all about Team Flash trying to figure out a way to save Iris’ future, teasing Kid Flash in action, Killer Frost, and time travel – check it out!

The Flash returns to the CW on January 24, 2017.