The New ‘Justice League’ Image Explained

Spoiler warning: This article contains minor plot spoilers for Justice League.

Justice League is one of the most anticipated superheroes of all time, and will unite some of the most iconic heroes in the world on the big screen next November. Adding on to the hype, Entertainment Weekly recently released a brand new image from the movie. Check it out here:

So what exactly is happening in the image? Based off of reports from those who visited the set back in June, the trio of The Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman are standing in an old Gotham ventilation tower. Commissioner Gordon, played by JK Simmons, had informed the group of a parademon (soldiers in main villain Steppenwolf’s army) nest in said tower. This leads the League to investigate in Batman’s new vehicle known only as the Crawler, a spider-legged, armed transport.

The group uses the Crawler to make their way through swarms of parademons and to reach the ventilation shaft, in which they find- surprise- even more parademons. The group then fights their way out of the nest on a long, dilapidated bridge outside of the tower. Based off of concept art from the set, the Crawler ends up broken and flooded, perhaps as a result of intervention by Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman.

As for what caused the shocked look on the Flash and Wonder Woman’s faces (Batman remains stoic as usual), this is still a mystery. Perhaps it is a large swarm of parademons, or Aquaman unleashing his powers in front of the group for the first time. It is even possible that Henry Cavill’s Superman could be involved.

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Justice League debuts on November 17th, 2017 in the US.

Source: Comic Book