‘The Walking Dead’: Cooper Andrews Teases More Jerry And Ezekiel In Season 7B

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead‘s season 7 introduced yet another post-apocalyptic community: the Kingdom. Led by “King” Ezekiel, it is a peaceful group of people who have managed to mostly stay out of trouble and have even started educating their kids again in basic subjects like reading and math. The name “Kingdom” comes from the way Ezekiel runs the community; he behaves like a medieval king and expects to be treated as such.

The episode also introduced TWD fans to Jerry (Cooper Andrews), a  lovable comic-relief character who serves as Ezekiel’s guard. Comicbook.com got the chance to speak with Andrews about the back half of season seven, and he teased more humor, as well as more frequent appearances of Jerry and Ezekiel.

“I’ll say that as long as there is an Ezekiel, there is a Jerry. So far, at the moment. I don’t want to say more than that because I don’t know what I’m allowed to say. When Ezekiel shows up, Jerry is not far behind.

We can’t really lose ourselves. Even though these people, they adapt, and Ezekiel says it more or less, that even though we’ve created this Kingdom, we’ve created this fantasy to not lose ourselves too much or it becomes crippling. He goes, “If we really dwell on how bad it could be,” I feel like people will get lost in it.”

It is nice to know we’ll get to see more of Ezekiel, given the hype AMC created around him and his pet tigress Shiva prior to the season seven premiere. It also makes sense considering the recently released Rise Up trailer which teased the Kingdom joining forces with Alexandria and the Hilltop to battle the Saviors.