UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds Will Not Appear As Deadpool In ‘Logan’


As it turns out, the report of Ryan Reynold joining Logan as Deadpool is not true, as Reynolds himself, Hugh Jackman and the film’s director James Mangold have falsified it with a series of tweets.

Original post:

Fans who had a Deadpool/Wolverine movie on their wishlist should be happy right about now: The Wrap has reported that Ryan Reynolds has agreed to star in Hugh Jackman’s upcoming and last movie as The Wolverine. Although the cameo will be extremely brief and will probably amount to only one (post-credit) scene. Whether it will be more than one scene and if it will be in the movie itself remains to be seen. Ryan Reynolds had previously expressed interest in a movie with Hugh Jackman but it was disregarded on almost all fronts considering Jackman will no longer portray Logan the Wolverine after this movie due to his age and recurring skin cancer. Logan is set to release in theaters everywhere March 3rd, 2017 and will feature prominent X-verse character, Professor X. Do you think Deadpool should be included in a movie with dark tones? Will he fit in with Jackman’s older and more rugged character? Sound off in the comments below!


Source: The Wrap