Zendaya Comments On ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Secrecy

Being under contract with Marvel has many perks. For starters, you’re pretty much guaranteed the spotlight in almost every movie you decide to show up in. If you’re a major character in the recurring films, you can except a big payday each movie filmed and your popularity skyrockets. This is what’s pulling in the rising stars like Tom Holland and other stars of the past hoping to re-ignite their fame in Hollywood. It’s not always a walk in the park with the multi-billion dollar company though. Secrecy is something Marvel viciously enforces on all its staff and actors for the movies. Any detail leaked from any of the employees gets you in big trouble.

Zendaya, who may or may not be playing Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming solo debut of Spider-Man knows the rules all too well. When it was rumored in the summer that she will indeed be playing MJ in the MCU, media outlets everywhere reported it. Whether it was confirmed or not, something at Marvel was said that wasn’t supposed to be mentioned. Marvel officials and Zendaya herself commented on the situation and made it seem like she wasn’t going to play MJ at all. Ever since then, it’s been back and forth between the actress and media. Members of the press insist on the juicy details and hope that Zendaya would break at one point but according to her recent comments, she seems hell-bent on keeping quiet:

“It’s very exciting. I mean, I can’t say anything because I’m not going to get in trouble! I’m not going to be that person that gets in trouble, but I can say its going to be a lot, a lot of fun. It’s a very tight kind of situation. They can’t let anything out, I mean it’s Spider-Man you know, so again not getting in trouble.”

Audiences are going to have to wait until July 7th to find out themselves. Do you think Zendaya would be a good Mary Jane? Sound off in the comments below!


Source: Heroic Hollywood