Greg Berlanti On Katie Cassidy’s Return To DCTV

The mid-season finale of Arrow season 5 left fans in a state of shock when they saw Dinah Laurel Lance – a character who was killed in the previous season – seemingly alive and well, and waiting for Oliver inside his base of operations.

Fans of the Laurel character were extremely disappointed in the showrunner’s decision to kill her off last season, as her and Oliver have always been an item in the comics. Many believed that Arrow can never truly be an accurate adaptation of the title character without Black Canary (Laurel Lance).

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti sat down with CBR to discuss Katie Cassidy’s return to the DCTV universe:

“We made a deal at the end of that season to bring her back for a bunch of episodes. Katie is a part of the fabric of the show. Because the show, like a comic book, can move in different ways, and characters go and come, everybody that’s ever been a part of the key and core ensemble has always had a place at the table for our show. There’s the capacity for her to be [in all four shows]. At this moment, she’s in three of them.”

Rejoice Laurel Lance fans! While the one we saw in Arrow’s midseason finale may not be the one we originally lost (as hinted at in the trailer for the second half of season 5), it looks like we’ll be seeing a LOT more of the character in the coming months.

Arrow returns Wednesday, January 25th at 8/7c on the CW. Check out the trailer for the new episode below!