Marvel’s ‘Monsters Unleashed’ To Become Ongoing Following The Current Event

Marvel is infamously known for their events recently. On one hand they gave us Inhumans vs X-Men, and then on the other hand they gave us the god awful Civil War II. Despite their inconsistency when it comes to putting out quality event books, they aren’t slowing down, if anything, they’re speeding up. 

Marvel has already announced a group of events for 2017, including ‘Monsters Unleashed’, ‘Secret Empire’, and the largest being ‘ResurreXion’. They all have a ton of hype surrounding them, which could be great, or terrible for Marvel. The first event this year is of course ‘Monsters Unleashed’. In this event we will see all the big bad Marvel monsters resurge, including the fan favorite, Fin Fang Foom.

This event is only one issue in, and Marvel has already announced that it will be continuing into a solo series. The series will feature Kid Kaiju, Elsa Bloodstone, and the rest of the newly created monsters. 

In an interview with Newsarama, Cullen Bunn, the event writer, spoke about how this event will differ from Marvel’s typical event. 

“I wanted this series to stand apart from those other events in a way that a new reader could pick this book up and enjoy a fun story and understand who the heroes were and what threat they were united against without having to read a lot of material in preparation. I guess this book takes place between Civil War II and IvX. Keep in mind, the events in Monsters Unleashed play out over the course of a few frantic days.”

Luckily for fans it seems like this event will finally be different than the previous atrocities. This quote also makes it feel like Bunn is putting real effort into this event, making it feel important. 

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Source: Newsarama