Most Anticipated Comics of 2017

It’s a new year and that means some exciting new comics are just around the corner! We’ve got some really cool looking books coming out soon from DC Comics, Marvel, Image, and Dynamite Comics so let’s take a look at what we’ve got. Here are our most anticipated titles releasing in 2017.

10. Justice League of America

Spinning directly out of the events of Rebirth’s first event, Justice League vs Suicide Squad, Justice League of America sees Batman putting together his own squad of different heroes and villains. Members on the team include Black Canary, Vixen, Killer Frost, The Atom, The Ray and Lobo! Steve Orlando (Midnighter, Supergirl) is on writing duties for the series and fan favorite artist, Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Aquaman), will be the series lead artist.

Orlando has stated that the series will most likely feature a fluid roster akin to the animated Justice League Unlimited series. So expect to see lots of great DC characters coming and going in this book. Orlando has put together an interesting and diverse team to explore the DC Universe.

After reading books like Midnighter and Supergirl, I’m fully confident that Orlando is going to give us a fantastic series.

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