New Photo of Caliban In ‘Logan’ Released

The first pieces of marketing we got from Logan were numerous black and white images from the film which included our first look at some of the setting, Logan himself and Caliban (Stephen Merhant). The very first photo we got was an up close look at Caliban, who we saw in X-Men: Apocalypse played by a different actor (Tómas Lemarquis). Now, the Instagram account @wponx who released many of the black and white photos has given us one more shot of Caliban in the film! Check it out below…


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In Logan, Caliban, will be helping Logan take care of a Charles Xavier who is weaker and is dealing with Alzheimers. Many fans have been wondering why Tómas Lemarquis didn’t reprise his role as Caliban for Logan. Perhaps it was a scheduling issue, perhaps it’s the fact that, according to Hugh Jackman and James Mangold, Logan takes place in 2029 which is 46 years after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse, OR, the most likely scenario is it is due to Fox’s usual approach to continuity within the ‘X-Men’ movie universe…continuity schmontinuity!

Logan hits theatres in just 5 weeks on March 3rd 2017!

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Source: @wponx Instagram