New Picture From ‘Logan’ Surfaces

Ever since the trailer for Logan dropped in late 2016, one thing has repeated by almost anyone who’s gotten used to comic book movies by now: cinematography. It seems that director James Mangold has made it a priority for this movie. Considering it’s Hugh Jackman’s last stand as the Wolverine (unless he changes his mind and does a dual movie with Deadpool), Mangold wishes to let the Wolverine go out with a bang. Comic book movies usually rely on a good story and immense action to pull the audiences in and help them profit but Mangold seems to have gone a different route. The trailer gave the movie an indie-meets-old-western tone with a perfect array of melodies playing throughout the 3 minute trailer that went over extremely well with the fans. Since then, Mangold has truly treated the movie like an indie. Every now and then, bits and pieces of information are shared by the director himself, usually in the form of pictures.

Today is no different. Mangold took to his Twitter account to reveal a new still from the movie shot with a professional camera that he stated in the tweet accompanying the picture. You can check out the tweet and new picture below:


Logan is set to release on March 3rd, 2017.