Nicole Perlman Discusses Differences Between On-Screen And Comic Version Of Gamora

Before James Gunn’s Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014, the titular team was among the lesser known Marvel comics properties. The movie itself was considered a huge gamble – featuring a living tree, a talking raccoon and a ragtag team that almost no one had heard of before? It was doomed to failure.

However, GOTG went above and beyond what anyone had expected, delivering not only a beautiful and heartwarming story on top of the great visual effects Marvel is known for, but also very well-rounded characters. In the wake of the movie’s popularity, some of the Guardians were given their own individual comic book runs, and the adopted daughter of Thanos, Gamora, was one of them. Nicole Perlman, who had already written the character for Guardians, is also penning the current comic run, and in an interview with, she discussed some of the changes she had to make to the character due to the different medium.

“I am attempting to walk a respectful tightrope between the Marvel Cinematic Universe version and the comic book versions of Gamora, which are close but not carbon copies. I don’t know that it’s possible to have a character from the comics feel exactly the same as the films, or vice versa – or whether we would even want that. The mediums are very different and therefore provide different opportunities to explore theme and character. I’d like to think that my backstory for Gamora, being fairly modular, could be applied to the films and comics alike.”

Comics, of course, allow writers to delve into their characters way deeper than any movie ever could, and Perlman is certainly taking advantage of that opportunity, while also trying to deliver a universal message that has a real-world meaning.

“One of the reasons I wanted to write Gamora’s backstory is that there hasn’t been much written about her young adulthood – yet that is where she underwent the greatest character change,” Perlman explains. “I felt like I had the opportunity to say something about people who have survived emotional abuse and trauma, and how they have a profound ability to change the world for the better.”

Since Guardians is still part of a Disney-owned franchise, the movies will never, or very rarely, be as violent as the comics are. Gamora, for instance, is not as brutal in the movie as she is in the comics. She’s colder in the comics and at times can be a bit more condescending in some ways. She very clearly is “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy”. Having said that, though, she does still crack a joke from time to time.

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