Peter Gadiot Will Play Mr. Mxyzptlk On ‘Supergirl’

For 2 episodes on this season’s Supergirl, fifth dimensional being Mr. Mxyzptlk will appear and will be portrayed by Peter Gadiot. Known for his mischievous ways in the comics, the fifth dimensional imp who has the power to control anyone who hears his words. This wouldn’t be the imp’s first time showing up onscreen, though. He’s previously appeared on Superman: The Animated Series and a character loosely based on him has also made it to the Smallville show in the form a high school student with similar powers to the characters.

The Superman rogue villain might not be of much significance in the comics but his powers are definitely considered terrifying. Due to his advanced fifth dimensional powers, he can alter reality at will. Making certain events pan out in the way he deems worthy and killing off anyone who doesn’t live up to that standard are just a glimpse into the imp’s powers.

Peter Gadiot is no stranger to acting as well, having been on the ABC show Once Upon A TimeSupergirl is set to return from its midseason hiatus on January 23rd on the CW. Are you excited to see the other worldly character make his appearance on Earth 38? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood