Rumor Has It, ‘Han Solo’ Will Film In The Spanish Islands

With the first of Lucas Film’s planned Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One receiving almost unanimously positive reactions from fans, and performing incredibly well at the global box office, attention is beginning to transition towards the 2018 Han Solo story. Rumor has it, the film is scheduled to set filming pretty shortly. These reports can absolutely be backed by the work Lucas Film is doing, assembling what is looking to be a pretty great cast.

Recently, a Spanish film site, El Blog De Cine De Espanol, reported that the film is looking to shoot the majority of its principle photography just off the coast of Spain. While the film has yet to receive an official title and synopsis, progress is reportedly being made very rapidly, further supporting that the crew may be scouting areas to shoot already.

While we can’t take this with certainty by any means, it is without any doubt that the island can provide the natural beauty and out-of-this-world landscape that a Star Wars film would seek out. In the past, they have chosen very exotic and scenic places to film, so this this would fall in line with history. I mean, it’s pretty stunning, right?

So, what are your guys’ thoughts on these rumors? Could you see Han Solo roaming the Fuerteventuran coastline? Leave a comment below, and be sure to check out our Cinema social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram, @TDNCinema!

Source: Screen Rant