Ryan Reynolds Talks Culprit Of Leaked ‘Deadpool’ Footage

When it comes to Hollywood, it is well known that there are many unsolved mysteries within their films. One of the most recent movie mysteries of our time is Deadpool’s leaked footage. The action packed comedy was strangely held from showing for nearly over four years when someone suddenly published a clip of it online. Fans everywhere went into a frenzy from the footage prompting to the studio to put a go on the full movie. But still a question remains, who leaked the footage?

Well, based off of an interview with Variety Magazine, Reynolds said the mystery may never be solved. He was however happy to credit the leaked footage for the creation of the Deadpool film.

    “When the leaked footage got around the Internet, it created this enormous groundswell. I credit Twitter users, Facebook users, and Instagram users for getting this movie made.”

Sadly, however, the star won’t say anything about who actually leaked the footage. Apparently, it was an inside job given to a studio executive, but Reynolds still won’t say who not wanting to take any chances of stating the wrong person. “I have an entertainment lawyer. I’ll leave it at that,” he stated.

This is not, however, the first time that Reynolds has talked about the leaking. The star was actually interviewed by Jimmy Fallon last February about the footage. He reportedly said he was 70% sure that he had not had a part in the leak.

“I know that one of us did it. There’s four of us. There’s me, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller, the director. One of us did it. We all sort of said at the beginning, ‘Someone should leak it. Someone should leak it’…but I’m 70 percent sure it wasn’t me.”

It’s obvious that fans do clearly have their suspicions over who did the act. The Hollywood Reporter had actually did some of their own investigating and found who most likely did it. In the end, they were nearly certain that director Tim Miller or someone close to him was the culprit behind the upload.

How did you like the leaking of the Deadpool film? Do you think Miller really did do it? Leave a comment below, or join the conversation on our social media pages! Deadpool is available for purchase now and the sequel is set to release January 12, 2018!


Source: ComicBook