The Rock On Why He Chose To Play Black Adam In The DCEU

As perhaps the longest running casting choice in the DCEU who has not actually appeared in one of the franchise’s movies, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is remarkably still slated for the role of Black Adam. We have not heard news from Warner Bros. concerning the Shazam movie for a long, long time, but Johnson is apparently still going to play Black Adam at some point. Recently, Johnson released a picture of himself enjoying drinks with Henry Cavill (Superman), restarting the hype train and spawning numerous rumors about Black Adam’s appearance in the DCEU.

Now, in a YouTube interview with fans, Johnson has revealed why he chose to take on the role of the villainous Black Adam. Johnson usually plays a good guy/protagonist in his films, so playing an alien dictator is an interesting choice. Check it out here:

“I’ve loved the role of Black Adam,” said Johnson, who had been rumored to play the character for years before it was made official. “I love that he starts off as a slave, that he felt like he was wronged. I’ve just loved that backstory. I think that Black Adam has always been, to me, the most intriguing superhero.”

To those worried about Johnson stepping away from the role as a result of the fact that he is still not set to appear in a movie any time soon, this interview should calm those fears.

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