‘Injustice 2’: Five Characters We Want To See

We’ve got a lot of exciting news from Netherrealm Studios and their newest project Injustice 2. Swamp Thing was previously announced this past week and just a few days ago we were treated to a new trailer that showed us gameplay footage of Poison Ivy as well as confirming Catwoman’s return and Cheetah’s debut. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Injustice, the game is a two player fighting game that pits the heroes and villains of the DC Universe against one another similar to Mortal Kombat.

Netherrealm has promised gamers that the sequel will have a good mix of returning characters as well as some more obscure choices such as Swamp Thing and Cheetah. Now that we’ve had a look at some of the characters that are going to be featured in the game, we can’t help but look ahead and wonder who else could be joining the final roster. So here are five choices who we think would make fantastic additions to the Injustice 2 roster.

[UPDATE: Cyborg is officially joining the Injustice 2 roster]


The arch-nemesis of Aquaman and one of the most ruthless villains in the DC Universe, Black Manta would make a fantastic choice for the game. He’s currently only a stage transition right now but fans have been begging Netherrealm to include him in the main roster. Black Manta is a treasure hunter who has sought vengeance against Aquaman for killing his father for years. Armed with a variety of blades and a helmet that can fire energy beams, Manta is truly a worthy adversary for not only Aquaman, but anyone who stands in his way. Manta is also outfitted with a deep sea, dive suit that is adapted to the extreme pressures of the deep. Black Manta could be a very fun and powerful gadget character who could utilize not only his blades but the energy beams from his helmet as well.

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