That Potential ‘Hellboy’ Sequel Won’t Be Happening Anymore

After a series of tweets from the directing mastermind behind the Hellboy films suggesting that we might be getting another movie in that franchise, Guillermo del Toro announced over Twitter that it’s no longer a possibility.

It would be interesting to know what happened behind the scenes to completely cut off the possibility of a third movie, but the best guess is that the director wouldn’t have enough time to juggle that with all the other projects he’s been working on. There’s the other theory that perhaps there were other people who just didn’t want to participate in another Hellboy movie, so the idea was scrapped. Either way, it’s an unfortunate turn of events for the franchise. What’s even worse is that most of us weren’t even thinking about this and now that this little situation came and went, I can’t help but think about what could have been.

What do you think? Is Hellboy better off in the past, or would you have liked to see a third one? let us know in the comment section down below, or on Twitter or Instagram!